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Ronin R-007 Gaming Handsfree


  • Brand: Ronin
  • Product Code: R-007
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ex Tax: Rs.1,100


Gamerz Handsfree

Model Number: R-007

R-007 Gamerz Handsfree : With The New Ronin R-007 Gamerz Handsfree – Take

Control Of The Game Rhythm And Be The Battlefield Commander.


Product Features:


Plug-in Microphone:

Microphone headset linkage enables group warfare more exciting. Sound quality is much clearer with real-time audio transmission.

Enhanced Hearing Experience:

Listen for position, gallop the battle field. Hi-Fi stereo hand-swimming sound effect and high sensitivity transmission ensuring that the position of the group warfare is safe. Make your multiplayer gaming experience more real and exciting.

8D audio:

Hi-fi stereo feature let you to experience sound in such a manner that the listener receives the sensation that from which way individual sounds are coming from.

Comfortable wear:

The 135 horned ear cap is designed with composite ergonomics, which automatically fits the human ear when wearing, greatly improving the stability of wearing, and will not swell for a long time.

Compatible with 3.5 mm audio interface devices:

  • Desktop computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Laptop


What’s in the box:

R-007 Gamerz Handsfree

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